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Ʌsana of the Month

Innercise & Exercise

It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and gather your yoga props! Connect with and heal self as we journey thru chakras, mental and physical exercises, mindful and meditative practices, and breathing techniques. Yoga has no prejudices – it’s for EVERYONE!

Tree Pose

Tree Pose [at ankle]

Tree Pose [at calf]

Mountain Pose [variation]

Tree Pose | Vrikshasana

A Balancing Yoga Pose

Benefits of Pose

Strengthen the spine + lower body [legs, ankles] + tone core

Improve your focus

Increase awareness of body

Distract your mind by focusing on balance- this will then decrease your stress

ground yourself

Quick How To

From standing position with both feet rooted and firmly grounded - make sure your weight is evenly distributed. Connect hands [prayer position] and place at heart center + inhale + bend leg and place sole of foot at the ankle | between ankle and knee [calf] | or thigh

Key Points:

Keep body long and lengthened

Avoid resting foot on the knee

Repeat with opposite leg on top

How Long to hold Asana

Beginner- hold for as long as you can- breathe

** Note- if unable to get into pose stand in mountain pose [both feet connected to the ground and weight evenly distributed] and work to this

Chakras Activated


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