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Mission+ Values + Purpose


  • To bring inspiration and innovation to the definition of WELLNESS
  • To create the largest wellness marketplace globally
  • Balance life thru health + wellness + fashion  + yoga + sustainability practices
  • Create and provide guidance on best sustainability practices 
  • To accomplish our mission- we commit to the following values to guide all decisions and behavior:
    • It's the best policy. Be transparent and trustworthy.


    • Breed a culture of humility and continuous learning

Promise to Consumer

    • Strive to create the BEST online customer experience 


    • Maintain high standards by bringing high quality products to consumers- which will further our sustainability mission

Diversity + Inclusion

    • Integrate different cultures, backgrounds, lived experiences into the marketplace


    • Begin with gratitude and appreciation
    • Lead with compassion and empathy
    • Prioritize and promote spending time [with self and family] to encourage and give promotion to healthy mind, body, and spirit. 
    • Say Yes to HEALTH... and WELLNESS... and YOGA!


    • Take accountability and do the right thing... ALWAYS! 


  • To create an inclusive global community 
  • Build a sustainable and balanced lifestyle 
  • Guide + Educate + Inform of sustainable living practices 


*Fly Trap Yoga is a non-discriminating and body positive space where all genders, ages, ethnicities, ideologies, and sexual orientations are welcome.*