Wellness Guide

Terrez, The Trap Goddess. I have been dancing, tapping, stretching, and pointing toes since 1989. Movement of all types has been an integral part of my existence. It’s natural medicine for my soul.

I have had a liking for the body since experiencing a health crisis myself. I would always help the doctors and nurses... so much so that I pursued a career in nursing.

Fast-forward, I began a career in nursing, learned more about the body and foods to better my existence. I became (and still becoming) aware of, and in tune with the physical body. Thru self-teaching, formal trainings, and certifications of yoga and wellness, I began to understand self and truly appreciate it for what it is.

However, some answers were beyond my training in Western medicine practices... which called for an alternative approach and using nature as part of wellness and healing.

I am now an Advanced Holistic Nurse Practitioner that focuses on the individual as a whole. I guide others on the journey of wellness thru yoga, foods, and emotional and mental health teachings. Creating a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

What is yoga?

Yoga, to me, is much more than an awesome pose or a beautiful flow (although I strive to accomplish them). Yoga is all about YOU! Can you quiet the mind and the outside noise? Are you able to strengthen the mind and body? Can you redirect your energy? It’s about control and focus of one’s self. Control of the body, the breath, the mind. The focus is in relation to body alignment, posture, mindfulness, and dealing with life and distractions. Once control and focus, to some degree, is accomplished then a change from within blossoms and bleeds to the outside. It wasn’t until yoga and its practices found me that I really understood and conncted with Terrez- learning in progress.