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Fly... The Department Store

What is Fly The Department Store?


We are the sustainable marketplace of the world 

We are here to serve as a guide to your sustainable journey and lifestyle. Within this journey we will bring you mindful + ethically sourced and manufactured + chemical free + zero waste products- thus leading to sustainability that is great for both the you and the planet. 


Holistic + Sustainable Living 

We have searched high and low, near and far to bring you the best, natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable wellness and yoga must-haves! All merchandise has been sourced responsibly and with care. 


Dimensional Wellness

Fly was created to provide an intricate network of all things related to wellness, by way of yoga and holistic measures. We believe that focusing on the individual as a whole provides a harmonious, well-balanced and healthy mindset. We address all aspects of Holism to create balance and wellness in everyday living. 

Vetted and Tested 

All sustainable brands that are on or mentioned in the marketplace has been vetted, trialed, and put to the test.  

All products are vegan + toxic-free chemicals + natural 

All fashions are slow fashions- ethically sourced and made with respect to the people and the environment 


WELL-come to Fly...The Department Store.