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What is The trap haüs?

The Wellness Clinic

We are here to serve as your wellness guide. Within your healing journey we will bring you wellness to its fullest!

Wellness that WORKS!

Are you exhausted from trying to lose those pounds that you can't rid? Have you tried every diet plan in the world? Don't know what to eat during your healthy eating journey? Do you suffer with anxiety, depression, or you are an emotional wreck?

Dimensional Wellness

trap haüs was created to provide an intricate network of all things related to wellness, by way of yoga and holistic measures. We believe that focusing on the individual as a whole provides a harmonious, well-balanced and healthy mindset. We address all aspects of Holism, which includes social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, to create balance and wellness in everyday living.

Vetted and Tested

We have done the research for you. Professionals have been consulted and all info has been trialed, vetted, tested. The results are in.... This -ish WORKS! We can now provide you with something that works... and it makes you feel good... EVERYDAY! Did I mention all products are NATURAL?

trap haüs

Need guidance on your wellness journey?

Feel disconnected? Those pounds aren't melting off?

We've all been there!

Schedule an appointment with our wellness guide to get you on your way to wellness!

The art of Relaxation


Find that intimate self connection and heal from within

In-person yoga classes available